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Online Databases Training and Live Webcasts 在线培训、研讨会、论坛及活动

Virtual Events


Here is the information of past, current and upcoming online sessions scheduled by CEIBS Library for its users interested in refresh their knowledge. 

Most of the sessions are scheduled by library staff but provided by database vendors.

EndNote X9

EndNote X9 is a bibliographic management software provided by Clarivate Analytics. You can import records from databases, organise references and create formatted reference lists in a variety of publishing styles. 

Date and Time
Date:  Thursday, 10 June, 2021
Time : 3pm – 4pm CST

Online, via Tencent Meeting
Click the link to join the meeting or to add it to your meeting list:
Meeting ID: 262 669 429

• EndNote软件中,文献导入的5种方法:网站输出、格式转换、在线检索、插件获取、手工添加
• EndNote软件中,文献管理的8个问题:标记、排序、查找、去重、分组、分析、全文、共享
• EndNote辅助论文写作的3个痛点:论文撰写时插入参考文献、改稿他投、投稿选刊



Training material


Date: Friday, May 21, 2021

Time: 1pm – 2pm CST (GMT +08:00) 

 Agenda (English & Chinese)

EMIS session
1. The overview of EMIS  database
2. The main function of EMIS database
a. how to  search company  information
b. how to search industry reports
c. how to search country  reports
3. Other function
a. Interface setting 
b. Email alert setting 
4. Q&A


CEIC session
1. CEIC Data content coverage
2. How to find data quickly via browsing&searching on CDMNext, theCEIC Data platform
3. How to make charts/map/to insert functions on CDMNext
4. CEIC insights overview
5. CEIC Excel add-in
6. CEIC helpdesk service
7. Q&A

 Click the link to join the meeting or to add it to your meeting list: 
Meeting ID: 215 801 822

Date: Thursday, 26th of March, 2020

Time: 10am to 11.30am (GMT +08:00) 

How to join: 

Step 1: Visit the meeting link
Step 2: Install zoom and click Launch Zoom 
Step 3: Enter your mobile number and click Send Code (visit here for more info about downloading zoom
Step 4: Enter the code that you receive from Zoom and join the session

 Agenda (English & Chinese)


  1.     CEIC Data content coverage

  2.     How to find data quickly via browsing&searching  on CDMNext, the CEIC Data platform

  3.     How to make charts/map/to insert functions on    CDMNext

  4.     CEIC insights overview

  5.     CEIC Excel add-in

  6.     CEIC helpdesk service

  7.     Q&A


  1.       Database introduction

  2.       The main function of EMIS database

  3.       Other function

     a.      Interface setting

     b.      Email alert setting

  4.       Q&A


 Join Zoom Meeting at
 Conference ID:807 981 284


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EMIS Session
CEIC Session


Date & Time
12.30p to 1.30pm CST 
Wednesday ,10 Mar, 2021

Online, via Webex 

How to join

Join from the meeting link     
Join by meeting number     
Meeting number: 129 267 5267     
Meeting password:    U27BQDxz

Aaron Zhu

Training material

Burea van Dijk | Moody’s: ORBIS, Osiris, Zephyr

Research on supporting global enterprise development with BvD databases

Date & Time
2pm to 3pm CST 
Wednesday ,13th of January, 2021

Online, via Zoom 

How to join
Conference link:   
Conference ID:  960 6677 6251

Candy Cui has more than 8 years of work experience in business information services area. She has extensive experience in economics, investment, finance, taxation and other fields.
Joined BvD for almost 4 years, mainly responsible for training support, project consulting and solution development in Chinese market; in terms of academic research, she has done a lot of training and project consulting work for various types of universities, Finance and economics laboratories and independent research institutes.

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Passport Euromonitor


Wednesday afternoon, 9 December, 2020


1.30pm to 3.00pm CST (GMT +08:00) 


Online, via Tencent Meeting

How to join

•    Join meeting at  
•    Conference ID:272 660 865 


•    Introduction
•    Project example 
•    Macroeconomic Studies
•    Market Research
•    Company Research 
•    Passport user guide(25 min)
•    Q&A (10 min)

Watch Recording